Speech Technologies: Innovations and Use Cases

Monday, August 3, 2020 8:15 PM to 9:00 PM
Conference Session


Speech technology remains a hotbed of innovation, especially when driven by Artificial Intelligence. These new applications are finding their way into the enterprise, and are quickly becoming part of the digital workplace. Telephony isn’t going away, but speech applications are using voice to create new forms of business value around collaboration, productivity and organizational agility. For example: Is Alexa for Business a novelty, or the vanguard of a new way of working? Can today’s speech technology enable meaningful automation for workflows, and will AI gain the trust of your employees? In this session, a leading industry analyst will provide updates on technologies and companies bringing innovation and disruption to speech interfaces. Leading examples of enterprise use cases will be shown.


  • An update on the current state of speech technology and the road ahead
  • Understanding how end users are thinking about conversational AI
  • How IT decision-makers should build business cases around speech technologies
  • Understanding where these new applications fit in the broader context of communication and collaboration tools
  • Considerations for assessing both the benefits and risks, especially for AI-driven applications
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